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Empowering ‘Differently Able’ People in the ICT Sector!

Behind the scene :

Elegant IT Limited is an Information Technology (IT) firm which provides digital solution and system integration especially in the field of technological representation of information and communication.

As a believer of women empowerment, Elegant employed majority of potential and talented female professionals. Unfortunately, Elegant experienced that many skilled women are leaving their jobs only to raise their families. Elegant has observed that many skilled women in the industry leave career in their 30s only for the sake of families and to stay at home.

Local Context:

  • Women are often referred for only customer service, receptionist, secretariat jobs
  • Women participation in technological or managerial role rate is very low
  • Choosing career over families is a taboo for women
  • Physically challenged people are cut off from the main-stream jobs or any opportunities
  • 16 million registered physically challenged people can be proved as a huge resources  

Contribution & Success:

  • Elegant has prepared the participants well and took exam
  • After successful evaluation, elegant sourced work opportunities in the global and local market
  • Offered them to work from home with deadline 
  • Assist in executing the work and achieved thumbs up from clients.
  • Seven out of 10 are working in the online ICT market under Elegant
  • Rate of recurring business are high


Success Stories!

empowering differently abled woman

Rahima Khatun

Graphic Designer

“I always wanted to have a professional career but for my responsibilities towards family, couldn’t work outside, but now I can have that life and also take care of my child’’

    empowering differently abled woman

    Tamrin Ahmen

    Graphic Designer

    “In Bangladesh, traveling in  public transport is a huge hassle and I am not a routine person, I want to have my freedom in work ”

      empowering differently abled woman

      Anjuman Rahaman

      illustrations Designer

      “Now I can have some extra money to support my learning”

        empowering differently abled woman

        Nusrat Rahman

        it administrator

        “I am happy to break the norm that women are not good at technology as people think”


          Way Forward!

          mission icon

          Elegant aims to provide ICT training for 10000 ex-working women and physically challenged people by 2020

          vision icon

          Online training platform will be opened & District-wise help booth will be created

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          Community ICT leaders will be created so that they can help others


          Women Participation Can Be a Game Changer in GDP!

          empowering differently abled woman

          Women participation in technological field is viewed as a doubtful career. They are considered not to be equally good in complex fields such as science or technology. Moreover, choosing career over families is a taboo for women. Many women are forced to choose between motherhood and their career. A large number of young university graduates enter the job market with a lot of enthusiasm. But that starts to fade within a few years as they are expected to expand their families. This mid-way exodus of female executives reduces the number of capable women in senior positions.

          Study said Bangladesh can increase its GDP growth by 1.6% if female labor participation increases from 33.7% currently to 82%, a figure on par with the present male labor participation rate. If a favorable and flexible schedule and place can be ensured, women participation in building career can be remarkable raised.


          Physically Challenged People are resource not a curse !

          There are an estimated 16 million people with disabilities in Bangladesh, or 10% of the country's population. In 2004, the prevalence of disability was about 6% among those below the age of 18 and about 14% among those above that age.

          Despite national policies that protect the rights of persons with disabilities (for example, a 10% job quota for persons with disabilities), in reality they face unfair competition or neglected. They are often cut off the main stream and viewed as a CURSE. We need to create work opportunities for these potential people and provide them equal respectful and economically independent life.

          empowering differently abled


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