Women, youth and persons with disabilities are at risk of becoming disconnected from the real world because of the digital revolution which has reshaped every industry with new technology. Low digital literacy, social and cultural barriers adds to the challenges these disadvantaged group of people face in accessing equal opportunities at developing their skills to adapt to present market standards. With the vision of achieving digitally inclusion, we are alleviating barriers for these disadvantaged individuals to access affordable capacity building training and congenial work opportunities. Aligning our objectives with UN SDG goal on reducing inequality and achieving gender equality, we developed a comprehensive model for our community activities to engage all the stakeholders in sharing our common goal to effectively impact our beneficiaries, community leaders, businesses and policymakers.

We successfully established a Digital School for women and disabled people where basic and advance IT skills are taught free of cost. Currently, about 2500 women and disabled people are actively receiving training on courses, acquiring the necessary skills and tools to offer digital services. Moreover, the contents are mobile friendly so that it can be accessed on any device from anywhere with ease. As many of our beneficiaries struggle with obtaining resources, we partnered with local government organizations, community leaders, NGOs, telecom companies and other stakeholders involved to arrange technical equipment for our beneficiaries to participate in our program. Our partnerships with international organizations like EQUALS Global Partnership, World Wide Web Foundation and Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development assisted us in establishing an infrastructure to effectively expand and implement our projects in greater areas of Bangladesh.  

Our award winning job platform Onlinejob.io is a dedicated job search engine for women and disabled which provides viable remote employment opportunities that connects our beneficiaries to local and international businesses. It uses data science and artificial intelligence to perform optimized matchmaking, ensuring minimum risk for businesses and maximum profit for beneficiaries. This medium has reduced the barriers for disadvantaged communities in accessing better employment opportunities and increased the skilled labor supply chain in different parts of Bangladesh which has allowed communities to grow by empowering their women and disabled through respectable work opportunities which was not considered before.

Elegant IT Limited successfully completed over number of projects in 07 districts in Bangladesh impacting the lives of 5500 women, youth and physically challenged people. Offering capacity building training in the field of ICT, we have managed to create competent professionals who are offering digital services to local and international businesses through the process of digital inclusion in rural, urban and even the remotest areas of Bangladesh. Partnering with international organizations, our team has built lasting networks with local government, telecom companies and community leaders to create an infrastructure for delivering effective community projects aimed at providing advocacy for women, ICT training, community awareness programs and entrepreneurship development.

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